New cover song online: I’ll make a man out of you
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Hey all, I’ve uploaded a new cover song! This one is a bit special – I fell in love with this song because of Peter Hollens’ cover (check it out here). After watching the actual movie with my boyfriend, this … Read More

That awkward Christmas dinner music business conversation
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So, it’s Christmas. And I thought it would be fun to schedule this post 2 days early, so you have something to read when you flee to the toilet to have just 5 minutes to yourself. (Man, I really sound … Read More

How to layer ambients and make them loop seamlessly in 6 steps
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  I love recording ambients. When I’m at a new place, I ALWAYS listen to how it sounds – preferably when it’s silent. Okay, it’s never *truly* silent – even when there are no noisy humans around (and even that … Read More

It’s my birthday, so you’re in for a treat! – Free sheet music download
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Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday, happy birthday, Happy birthday to me! Today it’s my birthday! Whoop! I’m 26 already! (But sometimes I still feel more like 6 😉 ) No blog post today, because I’m … Read More

My encounter with the worst kind of hater ever
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When you’re trying to accomplish something, you’re bound to run into some people who don’t like you or what you’re doing. Some of them have some good advice that is actually useful, some have a different taste in music and … Read More

10 assumptions people make about musicians that really annoy me
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Do you talk much about your profession? Sometimes I rather don’t. A lot of people who know that I “do something with music”, tend to assume the weirdest and most annoying things about my knowledge, my taste or my lifestyle. … Read More