A beginner’s guide to Schönberg’s twelve tone technique
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Today’s blogpost is about twelve tone technique. I still remember my first reaction to the assignment in my first year at the conseervatorium: “Why would anyone want to write that kind of music, without any recognizable (and catchy) melody?” But … Read More

My favourite books on music creation
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As with every craftsman, I keep some professional literature on my bookshelf. Well… Some? A whole boat load actually! Books from basic music theory to songwriting to music in films and games – I have a whole shelf full of useful, … Read More

Style copying: 5 steps to using someone’s musical style without losing your own
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As a composer, there comes a point in your career when someone asks you to write a piece that sounds like “composer X”. For example a film producer who want a score that sounds like Mozart for a historic drama, … Read More

How to up your virtual orchestration game in 6 easy steps
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As a composer or songwriter, there’s no way you haven’t ever worked with MIDI or virtual instruments. Sure, you can produce some music with just your voice and a piano or guitar, or record some other musicians (and that’s perfectly fine!), but … Read More

4 different apps to style your sheet music
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As a music creator, chances are big that you have to write some sheet music once in a while – whether you are selling the stuff or need it for studio musicians helping you out – a clear score and … Read More

The fundamental building blocks of an arrangement
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Hi folks, Today I will talk to you a bit about arranging! More specifically the basic building blocks ANY arrangement consists of. With this knowledge, you can build your arrangements a lot more focused because you are conscious of the … Read More

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