How to create an orchestral song #3: Putting it all together
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Hey guys, Today is the third and last part of the how to create an orchestral song series! I hope you’re really fired up now, because today is the day we will put it all together: your musical choices, your … Read More

How to transcribe a piano piece to string quartet
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Do you ever think by yourself: “What a beautiful piece of music, if only it was written for my instrument!” Well, how about arranging it yourself? It’s not difficult at all, you just have to keep some simple things in … Read More

My favourite books on music creation
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As with every craftsman, I keep some professional literature on my bookshelf. Well… Some? A whole boat load actually! Books from basic music theory to songwriting to music in films and games – I have a whole shelf full of useful, … Read More

How to up your virtual orchestration game in 6 easy steps
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As a composer or songwriter, there’s no way you haven’t ever worked with MIDI or virtual instruments. Sure, you can produce some music with just your voice and a piano or guitar, or record some other musicians (and that’s perfectly fine!), but … Read More

How to arrange choral music in 6 easy steps
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Choral music: I grew up with it. At the age of 8 I started singing in choirs.  And I still do! I love vocal music and choral music is a major source of inspiration for me. I love how all the … Read More

A guide to songwriting around a theme
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Hey folks, How are you? I’m sweating away in here, it’s finally summer and yesterday we had a whopping 34°C! With such temperatures, it’s really hard to do anything else than seeking shadow and sitting very still (and playing Minecraft with … Read More

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