How to record angelic choirs for your song
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Hey guys, If I can say I have a musical trademark, it is the angelic lead and background choirs in almost every song. I started it back in 2011 with the song “Dream On” and have used it several times after … Read More

Hardware overwhelm: a girl’s guide to buying a new stage piano
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Good morning my creative friends! Last month I sold my monstrously heavy, ginormous Yamaha S90SE stage piano with a million features that I never used, to replace it with something simpler, and more importantly: lighter – a Yamaha P115B. I … Read More

How I record and edit my piano parts
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Hey guys, Today I’d like to show you how I record my MIDI piano parts! Basically, this is one of the most important steps in my entire production process. If it’s not an all-piano song, then it will be a dynamic … Read More

My favourite books on music creation
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As with every craftsman, I keep some professional literature on my bookshelf. Well… Some? A whole boat load actually! Books from basic music theory to songwriting to music in films and games – I have a whole shelf full of useful, … Read More

Self-hosting your sounds or joining a stock music library?
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So – tadaah! This is it! The brand spanking new website design! Featuring: top bar icons, home page icons, multiple sidebars for different website areas (blog versus shop) an actual footer, the new theme is actually compatible with WooCommerce (hallelujah!) and … Read More

How to layer ambients and make them loop seamlessly in 6 steps
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  I love recording ambients. When I’m at a new place, I ALWAYS listen to how it sounds – preferably when it’s silent. Okay, it’s never *truly* silent – even when there are no noisy humans around (and even that … Read More

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