My voice is for sale!

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Are you engaged in an awesome musical project and looking for some background vocals to add some extra layers, or even an entire choir? My voice is for sale in Fiverr! You send me lyrics and midi parts, and within a few days, you receive some nice, full vocal tracks. Real human. Me.

Whether you need some full-bodied harmonies for a rock song, a soprano for extra metal melodies, or even a full female choir, I can do it all! Check out my Fiverr gigs:

Regular backing vocals

Choral backing vocals

Things I’ve done so far:

  • Rock background vocals for a prog metal album*
  • Pop background vocals for an indie pop song
  • Full choral vocals for a live example of a brand new choral composition


* Not through Fiverr but certainly worth mentioning


Looking forward to collab with YOU!