5 activities to help you overcome stage fright
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Hey guys, It’s been a while! I’ve been spending more and more time writing and rehearsing songs, which is a good thing: the fact that my creative juices are flowing again means that I’m on the right track with my … Read More

8 ways GreenBook can help you create music
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Hi folks, I hope you enjoyed the Orchestral Song series! Today we’re going to talk about something completely different: my favourite notebook! If you think that’s boring, hear me out for a second more: GreenBook isn’t just any notebook, it is … Read More

How I reinvented myself as a musicpreneur after a burnout + what you can learn from it
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Hey guys, today I wanted to talk about something more personal: why I’m *not* a typical composer or songwriter that works 10 hours a day in a studio to produce, produce, produce. How I started to think my own thoughts … Read More

5 myths your music teachers tell you that you need to ignore
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When I was still studying, I had numerous teachers. One for songwriting, one for production, economics, orchestration, music theory… I learned a lot from them, but they also told me some stuff that – looking back – is not true. At … Read More

Making musicpreneurship plans for 2017
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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great night and still have all 10 fingers 😉 With a new year comes a new business approach. When I look back at 2016, I’ve tried a lot of things. Some worked, … Read More

Self-hosting your sounds or joining a stock music library?
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So – tadaah! This is it! The brand spanking new website design! Featuring: top bar icons, home page icons, multiple sidebars for different website areas (blog versus shop) an actual footer, the new theme is actually compatible with WooCommerce (hallelujah!) and … Read More

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