During my musical and entrepreneurial journey I’ve read quite some books about music creation. I’ve listed the best here for you to help you on your way!


Berklee Guide: Melody in Songwriting

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This book teaches you to be more conscious of your melodies: how are they built? What effect do they have on the listener? How can you improve them?

The Addiction Formula

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Written by my friend Friedemann, this book is not another open door on what a prechorus is. Instead, it is about energy curves and how to keep your audience interested and engaged from the first note to the last.


The Study of Orchestration

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Basically the orchestration bible. This book tells you all about the individual instruments in a symphony orchestra and what they can and can’t do. Inbetween are chapters about how to write for certain sections and how to combine them.

Acoustic and MIDI orchestration for the contemporary composer

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An introduction to the MIDI protocol and how to write and sequence parts for the various orchestral sections. The book is riddled with small exercises, which makes it even better!

Recording & producing

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

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A great source of information, tips and tricks for novices. It has a lot of helpful tables, diagrams and lists, but also interesting interviews with the big guys out there.