Want to collab? There is so much I could do for you!

I’m quite the allround musician here. Whether you’re looking for someone to play a few songs at your venue or someone to help you with the creative process of producing a song or even an entire album, just send me an email.


  • Perform at your venue
  • Accompany you on the piano
  • Substitute a sick singer or pianist

Writing & recording

  • Write and record vocal parts
  • Write and record piano parts
  • Create a complete orchestration for your song
  • Record voiceovers
  • Transcribe music for any choir

Teaching & coaching

  • Teach music theory and solfege for your conservatory admittance test
  • Teach classical and pop piano
  • Coach songwriting

Online collabs

  • Youtube song collab
  • Blog post or series

Budget options