Want to collab? These are the services I offer!


Whether you need angelic background choirs or some rocking lead vocals for your song, I will record any part in my home studio with a professional condenser mic and make a spotless edit for you, so all you have to do is neatly mix all the tracks into your project. I can also come over to your studio if you feel more comfortable with that!

Virtual orchestration

Are you a songwriter and do you want some lush orchestrations to accompany you? Are you a composer stuck in the arranging process? I can fix that! I can create anything from subtle ensembles to epic symphonic arrangements for you – all virtual but just as realistic as the true thing!

Want to work together on some nice project? Have questions? Or a crazy request? Send me an email!

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Looking for something more budget friendly? Check out my AudioJungle portfolio with an ever-growing amount of stock music and sound effects.

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