Want to collab?


I love to do vocal collaborations! Whether it’s a Youtube collab or you need a session singer for your upcoming album, I’m your gal. I can do super angelic stuff, but also the other side of the spectrum: powerful rock & metal vocals. I’m very versatile!

MIDI Orchestration

I’m also quite the orchestration geek. For Bards of Valor I’m responsible for all the awesome war horns, festive accordeons and epic strings. Also in my own songs I love to add a bit of orchestra.

And of course I can do this for you too! MIDI orchestration is great when you need an epic backing track for your song. Saves you the hassle of recording 60 people at once and a whooole lotta money. This way even as a solo artist with only a tiny budget, you can afford a very realistic sounding orchestra. Heck, I can even make a complete arrangement if needed!

Request some vocals or orchestration here