How to record angelic choirs for your song
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Hey guys, If I can say I have a musical trademark, it is the angelic lead and background choirs in almost every song. I started it back in 2011 with the song “Dream On” and have used it several times after … Read More

Hardware overwhelm: a girl’s guide to buying a new stage piano
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Good morning my creative friends! Last month I sold my monstrously heavy, ginormous Yamaha S90SE stage piano with a million features that I never used, to replace it with something simpler, and more importantly: lighter – a Yamaha P115B. I … Read More

My 5 favourite ways of writing backing vocals
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Hey guys, Since I’m working on a new song, I thought it would be nice to talk a bit about how I create them. As I am very focused on the vocals in my songs, I usually have more than … Read More

5 activities to help you overcome stage fright
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Hey guys, It’s been a while! I’ve been spending more and more time writing and rehearsing songs, which is a good thing: the fact that my creative juices are flowing again means that I’m on the right track with my … Read More

New cover song online: I’ll make a man out of you
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Hey all, I’ve uploaded a new cover song! This one is a bit special – I fell in love with this song because of Peter Hollens’ cover (check it out here). After watching the actual movie with my boyfriend, this … Read More

How I record and edit my piano parts
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Hey guys, Today I’d like to show you how I record my MIDI piano parts! Basically, this is one of the most important steps in my entire production process. If it’s not an all-piano song, then it will be a dynamic … Read More

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